Our Promise

After being active in a scout troop for a year, we make a solemn promise and receive out scout badge. The promise states:

"I solemnly promise to serve God and Poland, to willingly help other, and to keep the Scout Law.."

Our Scout Law

  1. A scout serves God and Country, and conscientiously fulfills his/hers responsibilities.

  2. A scout is trustworthy.

  3. A scout is helpful.

  4. A scout is friendly to all and a brother/sister to every other scout.

  5. A scout always acts honorably.

  6. A scout loves Nature and tries to get to know it.

  7. A scout is obedient.

  8. A scout is always cheerful.

  9. A scout is thrifty and generous.

  10. A scout is pure in thoughts, word and deed, and avoids bad habits.