Girls Division

Boys Division

"Rainbows” & “Beavers”


Age: 4 to 7

The word SKRZATY, is an old Polish word for good elves who, according to ancient beliefs, lived in houses, under mushrooms and in the roots of trees. They helped people with their daily chores and looked after children and animals. 

"Brownies" & "Cubs" 


Age: 7 to 11

The Badge of the girl Zuchy is a gold sun against a blue background. The sun and its rays represent the happiness and joy which radiates from every Zuch (Brownie). 



Age: 7 to 11

The badge of the boy Zuchy is a Wolf cub. It represents the qualities of keenness, bravery and watchfulness  which every Zuch (Cub) tries to develop.

The word ZUCH means a brave, courageous child. It implies physical and moral bravery with a touch of daring, sprightliness and helpfulness. 

"Girl Scout"


Age: 11 to 16

"Boy Scout" 


Age: 11 to 16

These names are derived from the word Harce.  Harce were duels fought, in full view of opposing armies, by the bravest Knights as a prelude to actual battle. From this derives the Polish word for Scouting: HARCERSTWO.

Within the structure of the Polish Scouting Organization there is a separate Girl Scout section and a separate Boy Scouts section each with its own Chief Commissioner. 

The Polish Scouting badge LILIJKA is the first badge to be worn by a new Scout.

The initials ZHP stand for Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego, or the Polish Scouting Organization.

The initials ONC are a constant reminder of the goals we have set ourselves:

"Venture Scouts"


Age: 15 to 21

"Venture Scouts"


Age: 15 to 21

Their aims are expressed by the dark green badge worn on the epaulette. 

The three flames symbolise: strength of body, strength of mind, strength of Spirit. 

The three logs. symbolise: duty, self-improvement, the search for a role in society.